Monday, October 02, 2017

What are signs and symptoms of empty nest syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome refers to feelings of depression, sadness, and/or grief experienced by parents and caregivers after children come of age and leaves their childhood homes. This may occur when children go to college or get married.

Research suggests that an “empty nest” can be psychologically disruptive for some women.
The empty nest years often represent a period of major adjustment as the woman strives to refine her life and her activities. Among the symptoms of empty nest syndrome are anxiety, feelings of loss of control, depression, loneliness, wistfulness, boredom and low self esteem, found among mothers whose last child had recently moved of the family home.

It may occur during a major transition, such as menopause, or in crucial years when the woman is dealing with aging and care duties warranted by her own parent. Working women seem to experience a milder form of empty nest syndrome than stay-home mothers although the closeness of the child to the parent seems to be the greatest indicator of severity.
What are signs and symptoms of empty nest syndrome?
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