Sunday, March 04, 2018


Jealousy has disrupted lives, relationships and communities for centuries. Not until the twentieth century, however, social science began to study it. Jealousy a powerful emotion in which he person experiences extreme fear that he or she might lose that which is love to someone or something else.

Jealousy is best thought of as compound emotion that arises from the situational labeling of one or more of such primary emotions as anger or fear.

It can occur in any close relationship where in the parties are affections or desirers. It can occur within romantic relationships, sexual relationship, friendships, in a child’s relationship to its parent, or a parent’s relationship to the child or one parent may be jealous of the child’s affectionate displays toward other parent.

Jealousy can be viewed as functional because it spur activities that are designed to prevent the loss of one’s partner to a rival.” It can also be viewed as dysfunctional because it is often associated with psychopathologies, such as low self-esteem, neuroticisms, insecurity and anxiety.
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