Saturday, May 16, 2015

Physical activity for emotional benefits

Physical activity has long been advocated as a means of attaining optimal heath and preventing disease. Physical activity has also been promoted as a means to enhance various aspect of mental health, including emotional disorders, whole improving or preserving aspect of cognitive function, particularly higher-order executive functions.

When people exercise in the morning, it wipes the slate clean and gets the person to a good start every day. A walk or dance can unlock the emotions hidden in you.

Physical activity such as exercise stimulates production of endorphins, the body mood elevators which leave the body joyous. Practicing diverse exercise such as aerobic, stretching and muscle strengthening ones can give wholes improvement. Exercise and deep breath are inter-connected.

Physical activity reduces anxiety, reduces depression, improves self-esteem and increases the ability to respond to stress. Physical activity among adolescents is associated with higher self-esteem and self-concept and lower anxiety and stress.
Physical activity for emotional benefits

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