Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Aggression behavior

By derivation aggression means to go up, to ‘go for’, someone or something, an assault upon people or things carried out with certain amount of energy and goal-directness.

The term ‘aggression’ is as firmly established in ordinary language as it is in the vocabulary of social psychologists. Most social psychologists have focuses on aggression as a negative form of social behavior that causes problems between individuals, groups and societies.

For ethological and psychological purposes, particularly where there are forensic implications, a narrower interpretation of the concept of aggression is to be preferred: to commit an act of aggression is to drive off, insult, damage, injure, destroy or kill a person, animal or thing.

Aggressive behavior is accompanied by the emotion of rage, anger, spite or fear; aggression can be a form of despair when one is driven into a corner.

Aggression may be said to have occurred only when the recipient or victim is motivated to avoid such treatment. Most of the time victims of injurious physical assaults or harmful verbal attacks wish to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Aggression is sometimes correlated with other disordered behavior patterns. It is frequently associated with hyperactivity and is also related to excessive distractibility and impulsivity.
Aggression behavior

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