Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Children art of deceit

It is in elementary school that children become truly skilled in the art of deceit. What happen is that children are gradually learning a set if display rules for emotion or cultural rules specifying what emotion should or should not be expressed under what circumstances.

Children are deceitful because of fear of what might happen if the truth were known. They will continue to be deceitful of being honest results in severe punishment.

They are also learning the more specific display rules that prevail in their own families, for some parents tolerate outburst of anger or shrieks of delight more than other parents do.

As chidden learn display rules, the gap express to the world widens. Obnisuly chidkren aren’t robots. They start to lie quite naturally. Children are real pros at dissembling and fabrication by the time they reach the age of three or four.

Adults being consummate liars themselves know what to expect from their children in term of deceit, and prepare themselves to act accordingly. Parents teach cultural honesty. Parents know that the children’s new-found skills need channeling and acculturating.

There us proposal by experts that child’s play, in many manifestations, functions and a training ground for the development and refinement of deceptive abilities. Probably every major category of play – for example card, games, board games, party games, and sports - includes numerous specific games that involve deceit.

For example, some sports, such as football and basketball, involve faking a pass or a throw in one direction but then actually tossing the ball in a different direction.
Children art of deceit

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