Monday, June 20, 2016

Think about the changes that can reduce stress

Is there a way anybody can set up a structure to reduce or eliminate the stress by being more organized or managing the time better? Can anybody avoid or eliminate any of the things that can cause negative stress? Can anybody reduce the exposure to stress by taking a break away from the situation?

Changing self-defeating and stress producing thoughts to those that are more self-enhancing will reduce stress reactions. In terms of Lazarus’s (1884) concepts of stress and coping, cognitive restructuring strategies have the potential to help clients appraise stressful situations more accurately.

Simple changes often reduce feelings of stress. Getting more organized can save time and aggravation. Deciding to discuss a chronic job-related problem with a coworker or boss can help solve it.

Asking for help with a project, finding the resources needed to complete an assignment or creating a budget can all reduce sources of stress.’

Many research studies show that changes in social interaction lifestyles can reduce stress, and improve overall health.

Not sharing the stress and frustrations may result in catastrophic thinking, a state of mind in which the perception of the problem and its severity becomes distorted and greatly exaggerated.
Think about the changes that can reduce stress

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