Monday, September 05, 2016

Higher cognitive emotions

One of the groups of emotions is known as higher cognitive emotions. Most scientists include love, jealousy, pride, shame, guilt, embracement, and envy in this group. This is because these emotions typically require more processing in the cortex of the brain.

This essentially means that these emotions can be influenced more by cognitive thought processes, while basic emotions are more reactive in nature.

While basic emotions are largely processed in subcortical structures buried beneath the surface of the brain, emotions like love are more associated with areas of the neocortex.

Unlike basic emotions, which may occur in milliseconds, higher cognitive emotions, usually develop over a period of days, weeks or longer. For example, consider romantic love. This emotion usually develops gradually in people over a period of weeks and months while surprise (a basic emotions) is typically a very quick reaction to an event.

Higher cognitive emotions, as their name implies, are also more influenced by conscious thought.
Higher cognitive emotions
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