Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The definition of emotional-switch flexibility

Switch things up with flexible thinking that is adept at adapting to different emotions. This enables multitasking to be a breeze, helps the person articulate his thought better, and gives greater discipline to resist temptation.

Getting better at flexibility can help improve the precision, cognitive control, even the creative thinking.

Emotional-switch flexibility is the ability to directly change emotional states. At first, someone’s action may provoke feelings of anger or revulsion, but then one may try to feel pity for the individual; as that emotion emerges, certain thoughts will arose that support that emotion.

Flexibility and adaptability arise from mental and emotional balance, the lack of attachment to specific outcomes and putting care for self and others as a prime operation principle.

Being emotionally intelligent involves knowing when to stick to and when to switch his emotional attachments. When it’s time to move on, people high in emotional intelligence can make that adjustment.
The definition of emotional-switch flexibility
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