Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What is the meaning of social intelligence?

Edward Thorndike, the Columbia University psychologist who first proposed the concept of social intelligence in a 1920 article in Harper’s Monthly Magazine: observed that social intelligence shows itself abundantly in the nursery, on the playground, in barracks and factories and salerooms, but it eludes the formal standardized conditions of the testing laboratory.

Thorndike noted that such interpersonal effectiveness was a vital importance for success in mnay field, particularly leadership.
A study published in 2003 by Riggio and colleagues found that social skills and social intelligence have been related to leadership success. Their study showed the social intelligence of frontline supervisors did not predict either their performance or how satisfied their subordinates were with them. However, there was a much stronger leader performance and follower satisfaction in higher level managers and leaders.

This makes sense because the complexity of the leadership situation increases as one moves up the chain of command, and it is social intelligence that helps the leader read and interpret the complex social situation and enact the complex roles and behaviors needed to be successful. Leader social intelligence refers to the ability to identify and interpret social cues and be able to adjust one’s response to the cues needed to facilitate the group effectively.
What is the meaning of social intelligence?
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