Monday, June 14, 2010

The Meaning of Collective Emotions

The Meaning of Collective Emotions
Kemper’s model raises the question of theorizing collective emotions because it imputes structural factors in the etiology of emotional experience.

Thus persons sharing common structural circumstances might experiences common emotions, without recourse to contagion, for instance or other factors.

And yet, such aggregations of emotional experience are not group emotions. We can call group emotions because of relation between members of a group.

Work in sociometry is one approach that indicated the reality and significance of group emotions: attractions and repulsions are experience at the individual level but necessarily underlie the formation, direction and persistence of groups as indivisible entities.

An emotional climate does not require that every person subject to it experience the same emotion. As emotion climates are group phenomenon and as different people occupy different positions within groups, perform different roles and have different capacities, it is indeed likely that individual will differ from each other in the or emotional experiences.

Yet in their relationships they will each contribute to the feelings of the group qua group, to its emotional formation or climate.
The Meaning of Collective Emotions

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