Sunday, January 23, 2011

Definition of Frustration

Frustration is an emotional reaction. A dictionary definition of frustration is to induce feelings of insecurity, discouragement, or dissatisfaction.

Other definition is ‘to bring to nothing.’

If your miss the nail and hit your finger with the hammer you are likely to express your frustration or pain with a four letter word - ouch, damn.

Frustration exists when progress toward a desired goal is blocked. Frustration is a threat to one’s feelings of adequacy an can be an obstacle to reaching a goal.

How we react to frustration determines to a large extent whether or not reach the desired goal.

Frustration makes it clear that you are capable of doing something but you not pulling all resources together.

It shows the pathways for evaluation of internal strength and weakness.

Frustration is the common psychological denominator underlying the conditions that instigate emotional instability, precipitate more serious behavior disorder.

You may concerned that your life is not going in the direction you want, or may feel a repressed anger at the stubbornness of the people in your life.

One group of psychologists proposed the ideas that frustration invariably stemmed from the thwarting of a person’s goal attainment, that frustration then cause aggressive behaviors such as inflicting injury on the responsible individual, and that this action reduced the aggressiveness drive.
Definition of Frustration
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