Monday, March 11, 2013

Crying and health

Crying is a complex physiological response to what the mind is thinking and feeling. It is common and apparently universal form of human emotional expression.

It is argued that by way of these interpersonal benefits, crying improves the physiological and psychological well-being of the crying person. There is strong empirical support to show that crying leads to immediate emotional relief and a short-term reduction in tension particularly when it entails positive relationship changes.

Peter van Oosterum’s book Tears: a key to a remedy (1997) describes a simple method for harvesting tears, and processing them to produce an inexpensive homeopathic remedy that’s serves not only to release tension and achieve a peaceful mind, but also even to treat emotional and physical ailments.

There is general agreement that there is a significant increase in the number, type and amount of stress hormones released in human bodies prior to crying.

Thus, crying is a natural and essential biological function that results in the elimination of stress hormone connected to every imaginable stress-related health problem.
Crying and health

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