Friday, April 10, 2015

Treatment anxiety with celery

There many neurotransmitter alteration in anxiety disorders. Certain foods are higher in the building blocks needed for various types of neurotransmitters.

Celery is recognized as high in the ingredients need in acetylcholine. Interestingly enough and elevated levels of acetylcholine is associated with intrusive memories in some anxiety disorders. It has also been found effective for helping alleviate nervousness especially when accompanied by anxiety.

Magnesium deficiency also can trigger or cause anxiety and panic attacks. Adding green juices and green smoothies to the menu will help to achieve a higher magnesium status. Best juice sources of magnesium including celery.

Wild celery has been used medicinally in many cultures for hundreds of year. Celery is delicious either raw or cooked and is the basis of most stocks.

Celery stalks are used in salads, as appetizers, and in stews and soups. Celery leaves are often chopped up and used as flavoring.
Treatment anxiety with celery


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